How to be a web designer

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How to be a web designer

Before you think about how to be a web designer, think about what type do you want to be first?

Before you embark on the path of figuring out how to be a web designer, you first must understand the eco-system of the different types of web designers in the industry.

Similarly, if you are engaging web designers, it is important to know that being a diverse & open source eco-system, there will be many types of providers who provide solutions to their end clients in various unique methodologies.

It is important to know which type of web designer you are talking to so you will be able to make a better-informed decision on engaging their services.

If you want to know how to be a web designer, the following types of web designers will give you an insighs on what type can you choose to be.

Web Designer Type #1: WordPress Configurators

These folks do not really understand on an in-depth level about codings or designs

They are good at installing WordPress, selecting premium themes and plugins from WordPress marketplaces, and using them to provide as end solutions for their clients.

Nothing wrong with this approach as long the process is transparent to everyone.

At Thinking Notes, we began from this point too.

It is ideal for this category of WordPress Configurators to have some competency in HTML and CSS so they will be able to ‘reverse engineer’ and tweak the themes accordingly to customize the appearance.

Web Designer Type #2: Pure Designers

This type of pure designer typically is very good at graphic design and expert in design software such as Abode Photoshop or WebFlow.

They usually provide logo designs, brochure designs as their core services.

For clients who like them to do web design, they usually provide web mockups in PSDs prior to the actual implementation of the website.

After this, the rare ones will know how to translate their designs into HTML/CSS/JavaScript front end codes.

If the requirement is for a WordPress website, to translate these into actual WordPress theme structure, some of them may not know WordPress’s architecture well enough to make full use of the CMS’s features.

They will need to work with more technical WordPress engineers to translate their designs into WordPress themes.

This group of web designers usually put designs above everything else.

Web Designer Type #3: Technical WordPress Engineers

This group of technical specialists have totally understood the whole WordPress Hierarchy System and know actually where to put the code and how to use the Action & Filter Hooks to “correctly” customize WordPress in the “by-right” way.

Some of them may have already created their own WordPress Themes or Plugins.

Some may prefer to work with WordPress Theme Frameworks like Genesis or Ultimatum to provide customized WordPress Solutions.

Usually, they are adept in PHP coding for backend logic processing and front-end java-scripting to create dynamic elements.

They know how to customize and tweak the plugin’s coding to customize certain functionalities.

They may not be as good in graphical design as compared to the web designers.

Combined, they are a lethal force that will develop a kick-ass WordPress website for you!

Our SEO Director teaching WordPress at Exabytes event.

Web Designer Type #4: SEO / Digital Marketing Consultant

These folks may not understand anything in-depth about web designing or development.

However, they do know a lot about marketing, advertisement and lead nurturing processes.

Their skills lie in strategy and writing catchy phrases to draw in attention.

Alone, they create websites that promote attention but may suffer in terms of branding and technical implementation depending on their skill level in other areas.

Combined with Pure Web Designers and WordPress Engineers, they are the super SEO experts you need to work together to grow your business through the digital arena.

Web Designer Type #5: Hardcore Developers

There is a certain category of developers who are more hard-core in development and they specialize in languages such as PHP, Ruby, Python and NodeJS.

They are more suitable to help you with developing a customized web application, rather than helping you to create a website that is able to meet your strategic intentions.

These developers may choose not to dwell too much into WordPress,  thus limiting their effectiveness in leveraging on what WordPress can do.

If you compare technical development skills, they are most likely to be much more technical than WordPress Engineers.

However if you need a customized application that extends the functionality of WordPress in an external web application platform, a combination of a hardcore developer and a WordPress Engineer will be perfect for the solution.

Think about what kind of web designer you want to be

Depending on individuals’ preferences for learning and business strategies, you can be a successful web designe3r with a hybrid combination of the above-mentioned skills.

So take your time and find your own direction before thinking about how to be a web designer.

Remember, it is all about you can create websites that help people.

Sometimes it is better to take things slow than to make things wrong.

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