What is a good website?

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A good website meets the strategic intentions

A good website does not necessary equate to a very fanciful website with all the latest dynamic elements (unless you are in the creative line). In fact, most of our clients and the mainstream website readers will just prefer something that looks simple and professional, which has valuable content to digest.

Website Strategy
There can be many strategic intents behind a website

Why do you need a good website?

Have you ever thought, why do you need to invest in a good website? You may be surprised that it is not just about attracting sales leads. Through personal experiences and feedback from our clients who are willing to pay professional web designers, to them a good website will help in:

  • Stronger Branding
  • More Positive Perception
  • Better Valuation of Company
  • Attracting new online prospects & Converting them to leads
  • Attracting potential valuable partnerships with bigger companies
  • Attracting good talents to join the company
  • Converting visitors to intended action

A staff that never stops working

Unlike human workers, a website functions 24/7 everyday, serving information to your visitors, just like a digital marketing staff that never stop working.

With the current internet age, most of the population are accessing information through the Internet, judging your company by what they feel when they first saw your website.

You only have that few precious seconds to capture their attentions before they are gone forever. With this understanding, you will find that a good website definitely needs to be part of the foundation to build your business on. If you think you do not need a good website, you may want to rethink again. Sometimes it is not just about getting customers, it is about impression and communication to relevant stakeholders.

What makes a good website

So what constitute a good website in the current context now? A good set of guidelines to aid in our judgement will be:

  • Impression / Branding – The website must make the visitors feel that the company is a well established entity, worthy of their trust and time.
  • Clarity – The website must be easily to use and navigate. Information published must be very clear to the visitors.
  • Speed – Research had shown that a slow loading website will turn off visitors. A good website should load fast and serve the required information without too many redundant fanciful elements.
  • Mobile Responsiveness – The website must respond accordingly to device screen width for optimum readability
  • Ease of Maintenance / Security – The website should be secure and easy to update without involving too many stakeholders in order for an effective systematic upkeep.
  • Find-ability – The website should be easily visible to targeted audience through Search Engines or Social Medias.
  • As a tool – A good website should feel like a trusty piece of tool, where you can use it with confidence to publish information, knowing that everything is built on solid foundation with proper structure.

Long term relationship with your website

Building a good website is not something you can achieve overnight. You need more re-iterate again and again once you obtain more new information and you will also get better and better in understanding your visitors. It took us 2 years and 6 rounds of iteration to get our current website to set of information structure that we are finally happy with. That is also why knowing how to update your websites or having a trusted person to update it is a key element to creating & establishing a successful website.

Ken Toh

Principal SEO Consultant at Thinking Notes
Ken graduated with a Master’s Degree in Information Systems from Nanyang Technological University, specializing in Human Computer Interaction and Usability Engineering. Beside WordPress development, Ken provides professional SEO consulting services to SMEs and has helped his clients improved their businesses significantly through top page ranking results.