About The Course

Imagine a day when you do not have to spend a single dollar on digital marketing while your inbox is filled with enquiries. With our one-day intensive SEO Training Master Course, that’s no longer an imagination.

SEO is an extremely complex subject to understand. However, if you manage to master SEO, you can dominate any niche you want and create endless streams of opportunities for your business. Our SEO trainer is known for simplifying and delivering complex concepts in a clear manner. He will be guiding you step-by-step to create a credible website that can effectively target customers and grow your organic traffic.

Who Should Attend This Course


Business Owners

SEO is especially crucial to entrepreneurs and SME business owners for increasing the business' visibility. By understanding how SEO works, you can personally work on your website to bring your SEO to new heights.


Marketing Managers / Executive

SEO is a value-adding knowledge for marketing professionals who needs to run SEO campaigns in-house or oversee campaigns by third-party SEO vendors.


Web Designers / Developers

No matter you are freelancer or in-house web designer and developer, knowing SEO will benefit you in optimizing web contents for a better ranking in search engine.

The SEO Master Trainer

Ken made use of his photography and SEO (search engine optimization) skills to build up a children birthday party brand in Singapore. His birthday photography website has been consistently ranking #1 for birthday party photography related keywords for the past few years.

Ken currently runs a boutique digital marketing firm, Thinking Notes, that offers WordPress development and SEO services for his clients. Ken currently consult for more than 20 brands, each from different industry, ranging from medical to professional services, to accelerate their business growth through SEO.

1-Day Intensive SEO Master Course 1


SEO Rankings
Ranked 1st for Singapore birthday party photographer
Ranked Top 3 for competitive keywords in dental industry
Ranked Top 3 competitive keywords in moving industry
Ranked Top 3 for competitive keywords in chiropractic industry
Ranked Top 3 for competitive keywords in dating industry

Other Accolades

NTU Ideas Inc 2012, Top Incubation Award, Top 6 Startups
Featured in Business Times, TNP, Lian He Wan Bao, Singapore Business Review, OMY, FM 93.8 LIVE, Tech In Asia and e27.

What You Should Have to Benefit From The Course

  1. Basic knowledge of WordPress
  2. An existing business website (WordPress self-hosted) to work on
  3. A modern laptop

Module 1

Introduction to SEO

This module serves as a basic introduction to internet / digital marketing and SEO. At the end of this module, you should be able to understand when you will need to use SEO to market your business and its extent.

Topics Covered:

  1. What is SEO?
  2. Difference between SEO/SEM
  3. Information seeking behaviour of consumers
  4. Difference between social media marketing and SEO/SEM
  5. Benefits of good SEO
  6. Factors that contribute to good SEO
  7. The Thinking Notes SEO War Model

Module 2

Keywords Targeting for SEO

Now that you know that you should invest in SEO, you will first need to know what keywords you should be targeting. In this module, you will be exposed to a variety of online SEO tools and apply various techniques to identify keywords and choose your battlegrounds.

Topics Covered:

  1. What are SEO keywords?
  2. Buyer behaviours
  3. Free online SEO research tools
  4. Identify keywords by semantic words
  5. Identify keywords by competitor research
  6. Identify keywords by Google Suggest/Auto Complete
  7. How to conduct a proper keyword research?

Practice: At the end of this module, you will have a hands-on session for you to practice how to generate your own list of targeted keywords.

Module 3

Improving Clarity for SEO

Your website must be very clear to Google about the values it offers. This module will educate you on how to properly plan your website and its information structure from a highly strategic perspective. A properly planned website establishes a strong foundation for you to grow your organic rankings.

Topics Covered:

  1. Understand battle, support and non indexable pages (coined by Thinking Notes)
  2. Set up Google Search Console
  3. Set up Google Analytics
  4. Create and submit a sitemap of your website (Google Search Console)
  5. Optimise meta titles and descriptions
  6. Create well structured SEO content
  7. Understand different types of links
  8. Create your internal linking strategy
  9. Understand the importance of external links and when to use them
  10. Fix 404 and broken links and understand how it helps SEO

Practice: At the end of this module, you will have a hands-on session to learn how to perform onsite SEO optimization for 1 page of your choice.

Module 4

Increasing Trust for SEO

What comes after clarity is trust. It is in Google’s interest to display the results of relevant and highly trusted websites first for search results. This module will touch on how to increase the level of perception and trust—from your website to Google.

Topics Covered:

  1. Google Analytics stats (Goals, Bounce Rate, Time Spent)
  2. Improve click through rates
  3. Content strategy for SEO
  4. Back-links and how to establish quality links
  5. Importance of reviews
  6. Improve social media signals
  7. Understand essential ATP information
  8. Understand how to transfer credibility juice
  9. Local SEO (Google My Business)

Practice: At the end of this module, you will have a hands-on session to learn how to establish a backlink from an authoritative website.

Module 5

Technical Website Optimisation for SEO

A website that provides the best experience for its readers will be likely to rank first. This module will teach you how to do basic technical website optimisation tasks for performance and SEO.

Topics Covered:

  1. Improve page loading speed (Server Deployment, CDN, Image Optimisation)
  2. Know how to check if your website is mobile friendly and how to optimise your website for mobile devices
  3. Understand the importance of Image Alt Text
  4. Implement SSL / HTTPS to your website
  5. Understand what are AMP pages
  6. Understand structured data

Practice: At the end of this module, you will have a hands-on session to learn how to perform simple technical optimisation for your WordPress website.

Module 6

Bonus SEO Materials

As the course ends, you will have many ideas on what to do next, but you may need more help to get things going. This module seeks to empower you with resources that will help to improve your website’s SEO.

Topics Covered:

  1. Exclusive Thinking Notes SEO Checklist for Students
  2. Exclusive list of local websites to establish backlinks
  3. Recommended freelance resources to help with SEO works
  4. Recommended WordPress plugins for SEO
  5. How to select a good SEO agency
  6. Recommended resources to keep updated about SEO trends

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