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Thinking Notes is a professional web design company based in Singapore. We are a team of passionate web design folks, made up of web designers, developers, photographers and other creatives. We are great at designing professional business websites with compelling corporate identity for our clients to support their market positioning strategies and STAND OUT among their competitors. On-page Search Engine Optimization (SEO) forms the foundation of our custom web design works to ensure our websites are able to provide the organic growth you are looking for. We mainly develop our websites in WordPress CMS Environment, the most popular website CMS, used by over 25% of the top websites in the world. All our custom web design works are done on popular WordPress Frameworks to ensure future-proof websites that scale as your business grow.

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Our Services

Web Design, WordPress & SEO Consulting

Web Design Services

With in-house tech expertise and experience, we design and develop corporate websites and eCommerce websites for our clients.

SEO Consulting Services

Exclusively only for selected web design clients, we provide SEO consulting services to ensure the competitive ranking of strategic keywords.

WordPress Training

For folks who prefer a DIY approach, we are able to conduct intensive WordPress workshops to empower you to maintain your own websites.

PSDs to WordPress

For creative agencies, who are looking to convert your designs into WordPress ready themes for easy updates and maintenance of information

WhoAre We ?

We are a professional web design firm incorporated in Singapore with a niche team of true blue web designers, developers and creatives working together (& a little Corgi dog!) at the northern part of Singapore. We believe that having an effective website is an important aspect of building a successful business. An effective website not only provides a good reference point for your contacts, it can accelerate the organic growth of your company by attracting the right online prospects and the talents to join your team. With insights from our initial years of operation focusing on custom web design works, we have innovated our very own web design methodology that aims to systemically deliver quality works to our customers while ensuring the affordability for SMEs in Singapore.

We Are Expert in These Web Technologies:

WordPress HTML5 CSS3 JavaScript PHP Adobe Photoshop Adobe Illustrator

Case Studies Success Insights

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Methodology How We Web Design

During our initial years of starting up, we are very focused in the area of doing custom web design works for SME clients with our in-house design and development strength even for normal corporate website requirements. We started to observe flaws in this strategy and realized that a better system needs to be deployed in order for Thinking Notes to continuously provide a optimum experience for our clients, building a stronger foundation for us to scale as a business. The new Thinking Notes Web Design methodology focuses on 5 critical factors, which are effectiveness, find-ability, branding, affordability and empowerment. To find out more, and understand how we work, please check out our Web Design Methodology Page.

Key Benefits from our Web Design Methodology :

  • Faster Development Speed for every website project
  • Cost Savings for clients with standard websites' requirements
  • Optimized On Page SEO Foundation for every website project
  • Stronger Focus on Content for every website project
  • Sleek Professional Designs for every website project