• Custom WordPress Theme Development
  • 1 SEO Client per industry niche
  • Authentic & No Bullshitting
  • Highly Technical
  • No Outsourcing
  • Affordable Fees

Our core motivation is to help people. At Thinking Notes, we want to help local SMEs succeed in todays’ competitive market. Over the years, we garnered ourselves a reputation as one of the most trusted web design & SEO company in Singapore.

What make us really unique is our rare hybrid combination of having technical WordPress development, web design, digital marketing and SEO expertise fused together – this allow us to offer highly strategic SEO services and bespoke website design services that focuses only one thing; the organic growth of your business.

Our Core Services

Custom Web Design & WordPress Development Services

As 100% technical WordPress developers, we have the technical competency to develop native WordPress themes that are non bloated, structured data ready, SEO on-site optimized, mobile friendly and customised for the needs of every project.

Find out more about our Web Design Services.

Custom eCommerce Design & Development Services

We have the technical competency in WooCommerce development for creating a 100% customized online store for the unique identity experience that you are looking forward to establish for your upcoming eCommerce business.

Find out more about our eCommerce Development Services.

Singapore SEO Consulting & Content Strategy Services

With our forward thinking white hat SEO methodologies, we provide SEO services and digital marketing advisory that truly deliver the competitive ranking of strategic keywords, organic traffic growth of targeted visitors and optimization of your website’s conversion rate to grow your business.

Find out more about our SEO Services.


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