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As a WordPress web design agency, we have built SEO-optimised WordPress websites for our clients that are ranking in the top 3 positions of Google Search Results.

We are technical WordPress Developers

Our clients usually choose to work with us because of our technical competency in delivering custom WordPress Web Design Solutions. Being an integrated team of in-house technical WordPress developers, web designers, digital marketers and SEO practitioners, our clients benefit from our one-stop holistic overview of digital marketing strategies.

As one of the most skilled WordPress Website Designers in Singapore, we craft custom themes and designs without relying on 3rd party themes. We are able to deliver well structured WordPress websites that are crafted with best practices in mind, having minimal code bloat.

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Our Web Design Services

As technical WordPress experts, we provide a comprehensive range of web services for our clients:

  • PSDs/HTML to WordPress CMS Conversion

  • WordPress Web Design & Development Services

  • WordPress eCommerce Development Services

  • WordPress Web Maintenance Services

  • WordPress Web Security / Hacking Issues

  • Web Hosting / Cloud Email Migration


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Casey Salon

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AGX Photographie

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Tiny Photos

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The Car Regency

To me, website is just a channel to showcase my work but he (Ken) shares his insight and expertise in how website, digital presence helps in getting leads / enquirers for my services.

Being the programmer himself, he is able to walk what he talks and deliver what he advices. No bullshit!


Our Web Design Packages

We take a ground-up approach to website design. With a keen understanding of the WordPress architecture and coding, we are able to code your website from scratch, allowing your website to run on what it needs, safely and quickly.

Thinking Notes Web Design Portfolio

Thinking Notes WordPress Package


  • Mobile Responsive

  • SEO Optimised

  • Secured

  • Developed with best practices

  • Custom Theme

  • End User Training

  • *23 Points Website Setup Checks

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How much does a website usually costs?

A standard customized WordPress website without special integrated functions normally costs around SGD$2,000 to $4,000 (can be more, depending on size of website). In the industry, there are definitely cheaper web designers or more expensive web agencies with fees that can go either direction.

Why do web designers charges vary so much?

This is a complex question. Generally, it is dependent on the skills and value the web designer is able to provide. A highly skilled web designer will demand a premium rate as that is his leverage on pricing. However, by understanding the market situation, it can be seen that the variation in price is largely dependent on the market positioning strategy of each individual company.

Typically a freelancer will also be able to maintain lower rates due to less overhead costs as compared to a professionally established business.

Why WordPress?

WordPress is the most popular CMS in the industry, powering over a quarter of the websites in the world. With a strong collaborative eco-system of developers and designers, it is the most future proof website solution.

How long can I expect my website to be up?

Typically once we have embarked on the web design process, we are able to complete the whole website in 2-3 weeks. Depending on each client' needs, sometimes there may be delays due to time required to gather information.

WordPress Security is easily compromised

Being the world most popular CMS, WordPress is highly attractive for cyber hackers. But that does not mean that the security implementation for WordPress websites are weak.

You will need a highly specialized WordPress developer like us to to properly develop a WordPress website and minimise the chances of being hacked or experience technical problems.

Do you teach WordPress?

We are considering to run workshop to impart our WordPress knowledge. You can find out more at WordPress Training Course


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