Hallmarks Of A Brilliant SEO Company – The Sequel

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Previously, we talked about some of the traits an amazing SEO agency would have. Today, we are here to expand it further with certain skill sets and knowledge that they would have. You may consider this a sequel installment.

Without further ado, let’s dive in!

Skill Sets

These are the essential skills that one would need to excel in the field of SEO. An excellent SEO company would most certainly excel at most, if not all of these skills. If not, the SEO work being performed would be mediocre and will have a limited effect on your site’s ranking on the search engine.

So, without holding back, I present to you the critical skill sets that differentiates an amazing SEO company from an average one, in no particular order.


This pertains to the technical understanding of how SEO works. The only way a SEO consultant can deliver upon results is when he understands the system completely.

Without a clear understanding of the inner workings of SEO, any effort to improve it would be akin to throwing darts with a blindfold on. Any kind of success would just be due to sheer luck. This is why a SEO practitioner who knows what he or she is doing would have a firm grasp of this skill.


Coding is closely linked to technical skills, but however deserves its own category. This is because coding as a skill can be readily picked up. What separates the good coders from the bad ones is the structuring of the code.

Particularly for the purpose of SEO, unorganised code can incur penalties on the ranking of the website. This is why a brilliant SEO company ought to be able to write clean code.


There has been a paradigm shift towards content in recent times. Content is king, the experts said. And it is true. Having good content is one of the ways that help to differentiate quality sites from spam sites.

Good writing would draw in an audience, and with an active audience, there can be more leads acquired, which translates to more sales driven! A first-rate SEO firm would have a competent writing team in place to deliver quality content in this aspect.


Creativity can change how a potential customer or lead views the product and its industry. Take Apple for example, tablets have been in existence since many years ago. It was just that the features and usability of it were very lacking.

With proper marketing and innovation by Apple, tablets have gained a new life, and are viewed very differently in recent times. Likewise, a fine SEO agency would be able to give your product or service a novel twist, making it more appealing.

Photography and Videography

These two factors are also quite important in the presentation of a website. Humans are visual creatures, and good photography and videography can go a long way in giving that professional look that instills trust in the web visitors. An exceptional SEO business would be able to snap excellent imagery and videos to decorate the site with.

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Understands The Psychology Of Human Emotions

To be able to attract inbound leads, an outstanding SEO firm needs to have a solid grasp on the psychology of human emotions. By understanding their thought flow as well as their needs and wants, a first-rate SEO firm would be able to derive the crucial key needed for delivering a wildly successful digital marketing campaign.

Basically, there are three main components for decoding the psychology of human emotions and to capitalise on them. Onward to them!

Well-Versed With The Behaviour Of Each Demographic

The most powerful play one could make here is to understand the different stratas of the demographics. Each generation and both genders have characteristics distinct to them. For instance, a strategy tailored to Baby Boomers wouldn’t work well on Generation Y.

In this particular case, this is because these two demographics have opposing traits. Baby Boomers will tend to purchase goods from retailers that they are already familiar with, whereas Generation Y would shop from speciality stores more than giant retailers.

A prime SEO company would be able to strategise two disparate modes of action for these two completely different groups of people. Furthermore, they would also be able to add individual value to the process that each unique group would be able to appreciate.


This refers to the decision making processes that people make while on the go about their daily lives. They usually last a brief moment. However, they tend to be intent-rich. These fleeting moments are one of the best ways to convince the consumer to purchase a product, especially if it directly targets his pain point.

Micro-moments are basically the byproduct of the evolution of consumer psychology in a digital landscape (with regard to the rise of smartphones, in particular). It has been an interesting area of discovery such that Google has dedicated a website specifically to it in recent times.

A superb SEO business would capitalise on these micro-moments and be successful at identifying when they will occur.

Art Of Persuasion

This is where knowing the traits of the demographic along with micro-moments can come into play here. The intersection between these two things forms the gateway to a gold mine. Just think of micro-moments as a situation where the potential customer encounters a problem, and are looking for ways to resolve it. The kind of problem encountered would differ according to which part of the demographic he or she belongs to.

The challenge here is to convince the potential customers experiencing micro-moments that your product or service is the one that could alleviate this pain point. The tactics being used would differ depending on the unique problem being encountered and the general temperament of the person.

A splendid SEO establishment would be able to concoct a special healing blend of ointment to soothe the pain points of the potential customer and turn them into an actual customer, using micro-moments and the type of demographic they are as a guide.

Fundamental Principles Of Marketing

Although SEO is increasingly looking like a technical role, it is still at its very core an offshoot of marketing. It is essentially the marketing of the new age, having taken up a new form.

So, the main point here is that the basics of marketing will still apply here, and a superb SEO provider will be able to deliver on this.

Value Proposition That Is Easy To Understand

One key area of marketing is to able to explain the value of your product or service to the customer in a short and concise manner. Customers are not expected to spend time trying to understand the service or product, as modern attention spans are a lot shorter than in the past in this increasingly digital age.

A spectacular SEO organisation would be able to bring across the value proposition of their client’s product or service and brand name in an easy to understand manner. Once the customer is able to see the value of the product or service clearly, he or she is more inclined to purchase it.

Marketing Channels With Targeted Audience In Mind

This ties in closely with the psychology of human emotions, as described above earlier. This marketing principle complements the knowledge about the different kinds of demographics. Knowing the behaviour of the audience isn’t enough. You would need to know how to reach them in the right places as well.

The older generation folks would be more comfortable with newspapers and physical mediums, whereas the young generation would browse the internet and use social media in general.

An excellent SEO firm would know the specific kinds of medium they should use for the demographic in mind. A pertinent example would be advertising a hipster cafe using Instagram, as that is in sync with the younger crowd nowadays.

Scope Of Marketing

To build up upon all the marketing principles, this is a big picture view of the entire campaign. Will the campaign be launched world-wide, region-wide or just in specific countries? Every single country have their own culture and way of life, which can be vastly different from one another.

Thus, a marketing strategy that works well in one country may not have as much effect as on another. Needless to say, an exceptional SEO corporation would be acutely aware of this and take it into account, and then re-formulate the strategy accordingly before delivering it.

Now that you understand more about the various abilities an outstanding SEO agency will possess, why not give us a try? We have hybrid skill sets that consist of SEO, web design and digital marketing, which can provide a critical boost to your website’s visibility in the search engines. We hope to hear from you soon!

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