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In reality, SEO rankings are affected by a magnitude of complex factors, which do not stay constant as search engines are constantly refining their algorithms to perfect emulating human search behavior. At Thinking Notes, we believe that for SEO to be effective, the execution and strategies cannot cocoon around a tightly defined scope of work. Below are some examples that describe the extent of work (not limited) we do to help the SEO for our clients in Singapore.

Conversion Optimization
Google Webmaster
Google Analytics
Website Updating
Internal Links
Backlinks Audit
Negative SEO Defence
Keywords Research
No Keyword Limit
404 Links Audit
301 Redirections
Website Errors Scan
Search Engine Index
Website Security
Social Media Advisory
Unlimited Keywords
Schema.Org / Microdata
Local SEO
Img ALT / HTML Audit
SEO Singapore

SEO Project References

Our clients trust us because they know we do not sugarcoat our words, over-promise and give fake expectations. We differentiate ourselves by having the courage to acknowledge mistakes and taking the time to master technical WordPress development, web designing, psychology of digital marketing and technical SEO. Thanks to the trust of our web design clients, we have the opportunity to work on these projects as our first batch of SEO projects in Singapore.

No Spammy Backlinks
No Compromise in Website Branding
100% Retention Rate
Significant SEO Improvements


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The symphony of Systematic Success

Thinking Methodology: Web Design & SEO Strategy

We deploy an unique 3-steps SEO methodology that focus on the long term success in SEO for our clients. The first step is all about making sure your website has the correct technical foundation. The second step is formulate a content strategy system and work as a team to create the correct reasons for your targeted visitors to come to your website. The third step will focus on the positioning of your brand as the thought leader in the industry.

Web Analytics

Frequently Asked Questions About SEO SERVICES

Is there a minimum commitment period?

Yes, we usually require our clients to commit at least 6 months when engaging our SEO Services. SEO is a long term game, you will not be able to see significant results in short period of time.

Do you guarantee top SEO Rankings?

No, we do not guarantee top SEO rankings. In SEO industry, it is not ethical to promise SEO rankings. You can read more about it at Moz Blog, a very reputable global SEO authority. 

I don't know if I need SEO?

Digital Marketing is about approaching 2 type of information seeking behaviors. SEO is about targeting people who already know what they want and they are searching for the best vendor to procure the services or products. If this is something like your trade, then you will most probably need SEO. You can read more about this topic at our article, "Do you need SEO?"

How much does SEO usually costs in the market?

In the industry practice, SEO requires a monthly retainer fee. It can range from few hundred dollars to few thousand dollars. From our experience, it usually ranges from $500 to $2000. Of course, there can be extreme cases.

Is there any grant for SEO in Singapore?

Yes, you can leverage on MRA Grant by IE Singapore for SEO Services. However, you must be targeting overseas market. Please find out more at their site. We do not help our client to apply for grants, we can recommend a trusted contact for these services.

I am skeptical and worried....

We understand. We have heard horror stories about SEO companies. Please contact us for a consultation session. At the end of the day, maybe you don't even need SEO services.