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What is SEO?

SEO stands for Search Engine Optimisation. It is the process of optimising your website for maximum visibility during search results and obtaining organic traffic. It is a niche form of digital marketing.

It is different from paid search engine ads, which is known as Search Engine Marketing (SEM). SEO delivers organic traffic, which are the search results below the paid ads.

At Thinking Notes, we are a SEO-focused company. We do not provide SEM services at the moment.


Do you need SEO?

SEO marketing is a long term game plan; while it can reap a lot of benefits for your business, it should not and cannot be something that your company has to depend solely on, especially during the early stages of your business. However with good SEO, it can propel your business to greater heights.

It is recommended for you to invest in SEO especially if your business has the following traits:

  • Service centric business

  • It is natural for your customers to search for your type of offerings

  • You already have a base of customers or sales funnel keeping your business alive

  • You are ready to grow your business to the next level

Benefits of Good SEO

With the experience from the numerous success of our SEO projects, we have observed the following benefits that good SEO can potentially bring to your company. If your vision is to dominate the industry you are currently competing in, you should invest in SEO.

Improved visibility of your company’s brand within the industry

Increased the trust and authority of your brand within the industry

Drive in more leads from organic traffic and increase your sales

Attract new talents who are interested in a career in your industry


At Thinking Notes, we firmly believe that in order for SEO to be effective, the execution and strategies cannot revolve around a tightly defined scope of work. In reality, SEO performances or keywords’ rankings are affected by a magnitude of over 200 complex factors, which do not stay constant as search engines are constantly refining their algorithms to perfect the human search experience.

We generally work on initiatives that improve the clarity and credibility of our clients’ websites, which we believe are the pillars that will transcend the unpredictability of SEO’s algorithms.

Our SEO Services

Understanding that every industry has different needs and budget for SEO marketing, we provide professional SEO consulting services in 3 different tiers to suit into individual clients' needs.


We provide monthly analysis and strategy. You will have to execute on the proposed initiatives with your own resources.


We provide thoughtful monthly analysis and strategy. We will perform technical optimisation. You can create your own content.


We provide thoughtful monthly analysis and strategy. We will perform technical optimisation and create the content for you.

We are currently looking for SEO projects in some industries due to exclusivity. Drop us an enquiry to find out more.

We had much wanted to get experts to assist us improving our website and its ranking in the search engines. Until we found Thinking Notes… and after visiting Ken, I am convinced that we have found the right guys! ...

We trust their promise, they will deliver!


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Do I need SEO?

Digital Marketing is about approaching 2 types of information seeking behaviors. SEO is about targeting people who already know what they want and they are searching for the best vendor to procure the services or products. If this is similar to your trade, then you will most probably need SEO. You can read more about this topic at our article, "Do you need SEO?"

How much does SEO usually costs in the market?

In the industry practice, SEO requires a monthly retainer fee. It can range from few hundred dollars to few thousand dollars. From our experience, it usually ranges from $500 to $2000. Of course, there can be extreme cases.

Is there a minimum commitment period?

Yes, we usually require our clients to commit at least 6 months when engaging our SEO Services. SEO is a long term game, you will not be able to see significant results within a short period of time.

Do you guarantee top SEO Rankings?

No, we do not guarantee top SEO rankings. In the SEO industry, it is not ethical to promise SEO rankings. You can read more about our thoughts on this topic at The Ultimate Guide to Choosing a Good SEO Company



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