Thinking Methodology


Thinking Methodology: Web Design & SEO Strategy

The Way We Think - Make Us Different

At Thinking Notes, the key values we bring to the table are not just our skills and experiences, our thoughts are also one of our most valuable assets. The hunger for knowledge, the way we think creatively and technically to solve problems differentiate us from the crowd, making us better everyday.

The Thinking Methodology is a framework of deep thought flow and processes we derived from our experiences of doing web design, our failures, our observations and professional SEO practices.

Recognizing That Website is just a Medium

The harsh truth about web design is that a website is nothing than just a medium to communicate information to targeted stakeholders. In the current context, there are so much more competing mediums to choose for mode of communication such as social media, blogs, mobile apps and even games.

At the end of the day, business owners want something out of their websites and website visitors want to find out something from the websites. Having the ability to do web designing is merely the first step towards solving the needs of both sides of the equation.

With a strong belief in having in-house critical competencies, our long term view for growing our capabilities extend outside the boundaries of web designing, SEO and WordPress. Complimentary creative skills in copywriting, photography and videography help create useful contents that provide the right reasons for visitors to come and stay on the websites.

Delivering Strategic Advantages for Clients
Delivering Strategic Advantages for Clients

Different Solutions for Different Strategic Intentions

Different Website Solutions for Different Strategic Needs
Different Website Solutions for Different Strategic Needs

Every project starts with an in depth consultation that seeks to conclude only one thing; how can the website helps the business owners. Do they need it to generate online leads or it is there for offline strategic reasons. With the mutual understanding, we will propose the appropriate WordPress Development approach to the relevant strategic needs. For example, if the website does not need to generate online leads and it is there only to make an impression for offline stakeholders, our pre-crafted website solutions will offer the best economical website design package.

The Future Proof Website Is A Website that Continuously Adapts

Who will look after the website?
Who will look after the website?

After every web design project, one of the most important element is to consider the vertical of maintenance. "Who shall do the updating and maintenance?" From our experience, if our clients do not have an appointed team member to take ownership of the website, the website will sooner or later become a white elephant.

Long term website maintenance packages are likely not to work well if the agency is "separated" from the client in strategic decision making process. [This is a complex topic, which is worthy of another blog post.]


During our project cycle, we ensure our clients consider this point and we will conduct a simple WordPress training to ensure at the end of the day, someone knows what to do with the websites we build.


Our SEO clients will have the advantage of having us to look after their websites everyday on-top of the SEO services we provide as ultimately our SEO mantra is all about giving the "right reasons for people to come".