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Our team at Thinking Notes are expert in developing with WooCommerce to create a 100% customized online store for the unique identity experience that you are looking forward to establish for your eCommerce business. We deliver our eCommerce solutions by working with WooCommerce in-house StoreFront Theme as our parent foundation to build a child theme for our clients..
** WooCommerce is a popular eCommerce extension of WordPress and is powering over 39% of the online stores in the world !

eCommerce Project References

Over the past few years, we have worked on many WooCommerce development projects that have varying business needs and technical challenges. Here are some of the projects that we have worked on:


Frequently Asked Questions About eCommerce

Why does an eCommerce website costs more than a website?

An typical eCommerce setup has many "hidden" pages that a developer will need to optimize. With the additional man-effort, a standard eCommerce website will typically cost at least 2 times more than a standard website on similar scale.

How much does a eCommerce website usually costs?

From our understanding in the industry, a standard eCommerce website will start from around $4k to $15k, depending on the developer's fees and market positioning.

Why WooCommerce?

The best way to judge a solution, is to based on the size of the eco-system. A bigger eco-system will means a more future-proof solution, more innovation and bigger pool of developers. WooCommerce easily powers over a quarter of the eCommerce website in the world, making it the number 1 eCommerce solution at the moment.

I can use Shopify?

Shopify is a good solution, especially for young eCommerce businesses to test the market. From experience, business owners usually go for customized eCommerce solutions, when they have certain customized logic they would like to implement; something SaSS solutions cannot offer at the moment.


How long can I expect my eCommerce website to be up?

Typically once we embark on the eCommerce development process, we can complete the whole website in 1-2 months. Depending on each client' needs, sometimes there may be delay due to information gathering.

When not to use WooCommerce?

If you have an extremely large eCommerce setup, perhaps a better solution will be implementing a 100% customized eCommerce web application from ground-up.